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the next auction will be in the fall/winter 2015/2016, please watch the website for details on date/time & location! there is a photo page to view the photos of items already in house,  you can view it by clicking here; to view large photos, click the first one in the gallery below and scroll through, titles are at the top; enjoy!  we look forward to seeing you later this year!

Don’t forget if you have quality items to sell, give us a call!


811 US Hwy 19, Crystal River, FL ***  800-542-3877



We are offering the same services along with some expansions. We specialize in Antiques & Collectibles; however we offer the following services:
· On-site Auctions
· Pick-up and storage of items in our air-conditioned facility to sort and prep for auction
· Consignments/or Buy-outs
· On-site Estate Sales
· Vehicles, Boats Etc.
· Certified Appraisals
· Real Estate Listing Agent Referral
· Work with your realtor to have items removed in a timely manner
· Detailed accounting of items with payment
· Firearms & Sporting Goods
· Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Coins, Art & More.
· Estate Planning Assistance
· 7,000 sq ft. Air Conditioned Auction Gallery

Full service Estate Liquidators, buying one item or complete estates, we will also auction your property on site for you or hold an estate sale for you! Call today for an appointment! 1-800-542-3877

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What sets us apart ~ What to look for in an auction company.

If you’ve ever done a search for auctioneers, you’ve likely come across reviews that would scare anyone considering an auction for their estate needs; it all comes down to one major issue: accountability! Questions to ask an auctioneer, where will my items be stored for auction, how will I get paid and how quickly, how do you keep my items inventoried from everyone else’s? A good auction house will have accountability checks in place to make sure your items are all inventoried from start to finish. When you receive a check you should also receive a detailed accounting as to what your items sold for and what they were. No one wants to send an entire house-load of merchandise to auction to receive a check that only has 5 items accounted for! When we take items on consignment we will give you a handwritten inventory that day of the items we are taking. When the items are cataloged here in our facility they go under a unique consignor number used only for you, when you receive your check you will have an accounting of each and every item along with what that item sold for at the sale. We will account for every item you send with us, whether it is a $5000 item or $100 item it is treated with the same care and respect and will be accounted for! While we rarely have items that do not sell, should there be a no-sale it will be offered for you to come and pick that item up. If you ever have questions regarding having an auction with your estate items, give us a call, we will be happy to discuss what sets us apart from the rest.

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